Criminal Defense


Aggressive Trial Lawyers


We believe it is essential to prepare the best defense from the earliest possible moment in the course of a criminal case. We want to be involved with our clients in a case at the earliest stage of an investigation. We want to talk to police investigators before an arrest is made.
We want to present our side of a case to a grand jury before an indictment is handed down. Our goal is to stop a criminal case against our clients before a formal charge is filed and we end up in a courtroom.
We bring to bear our extensive knowledge of the legal system, particularly police procedures and the prosecutor’s office.


In the courtroom we utilize the latest technology to present our evidence. We hire experts in the necessary field, and investigators, all former police officers, to assist us in preparing our case for trial.

Our attorneys have over 40 years of experience and literally hundreds of Criminal Jury Trials in every type of criminal offense.  Including murder, sexual assault, drug offenses, driving while intoxicated, assault, assault family violence, and so many more.


Our area of legal practice is criminal law, and only criminal law, this includes juvenile cases. Our attorneys are board certified in criminal law and experienced in the entire process.