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The attorneys at Jackson & Hagen, in Denton, Texas, have received recognition within and outside of their industry for successfully handling challenging cases. While most lawyers seek a quick resolution, we are passionate about trial litigation if it is the best route to success for our clients. Attorney Rick Hagen has been recognized for his success and is an accomplished author, lecturer, trial consultant, and expert witness.

History of Jackson & Hagen

Legendary trial lawyer Hal Jackson is a war hero and former Texas State Representative. Mr. Jackson, a native of Denton, was a member of the celebrated VF-17 Jolly Rogers fighting squadron during World War II and dropped the fatal bomb that sunk the Japanese battleship Yamato. Mr. Jackson began practicing law in 1952 and is a founding member of the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association.

Nicknamed “The Fox,” Mr. Jackson was gifted with a photographic memory which he put to amazing use in courthouses across Texas. His 1978 defense of Gregory Ott, a man convicted of killing a Texas Ranger during a drug raid shootout has been featured in Texas Monthly, Court TV, and other news programs. Although convicted of murder, the case made headlines when jurors declined to impose the death penalty for what many believe was an accidental shooting. Mr. Jackson retired from the active practice of law after defending citizens accused of crimes for more than 50 years. Mr. Jackson lives in Denton with his wife Barbra.

Rick Hagen teamed with Mr. Jackson in 1993. Jackson believed in total immersion and immediately took Mr. Hagen into the courtroom. Rick Hagen’s experience on the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals equipped him with fingertip knowledge of legal precedent. Mr. Jackson’s courtroom savvy and Mr. Hagen’s knowledge of precedent made the team almost unstoppable throughout the 1990’s.