Brent Jackson in the Texas Building  

Brent Jackson founded the law firm in 1913. To this day the firm remains in the exact same spot: the 3rd floor of what is now the Texas Building on the Denton Square. Brent Jackson also served as Denton County Judge. 

Hal Jackson joined his father in the practice of law after his military service in World War II. Hal was a highly decorated combat pilot, Receiving two Distinguished Flying Crosses and the Silver Star. As a member of

VBF-10, he took part in the sinking of Japan’s largest battleship, the Yamato. 

Hal also served two terms as a Representative in the Texas State Legislature.

"Imperial Sacrifice," a painting of the sinking of Yamato (by Robert Bailey)

Hal Jackson

Rick Hagen joined Hal in 1993 and the firm became "Jackson & Hagen." Rick and Hal worked together until Mr. Jackson's passing in 2008.

Hal Jackson & Rick Hagen

Cary Piel joined Rick in 2012, but out of respect for their history, they kept the name Jackson & Hagen.

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